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Wed, Nov. 17th, 2004, 03:35 pm
duchesslovebug: Porn Sucks

Oh, boy, this is serious, kids. I beg for opinions before 7 PM Pacific time. Here's the deal. Monica Bellucci blows my mind. I just can't believe how insanely gorgeous she is. I've seen screen caps of her in Malena, and...I just have to see this movie. I always want to see movies with lots of nudity, and especially nudity during sex scenes. I mean, come on. It's being shown tonight. At 10. So I could go, right after my 7-10 class. But...it's being shown by the Feminist Discussion Group. I am not a feminist. And I don't want to discuss this movie; I just want to watch it. So...should I go? Will it be uncomfortable if I'm there just for the gratuitous nudity? (...Gratudity?) Will the others necessarily have to know? Will it be stamped on my forehead: Here to See Monica Bellucci Naked and Having Sex? ...Or maybe feminists would be okay with my just wanting to see it? I don't really know what the feminist stance on it would be; I'm just guessing they would have contempt for my not taking it seriously enough. Or something. Ugh.

And here's a nude scene, to justify this entry's right to be in this LJ:

Fri, Apr. 7th, 2006 11:39 pm (UTC)

Porn sucks and
Monica Bellucci is the sexiest woman, ever!